Crystallize with Swarovski Elements &

2-Part Epoxy Resin Clay

What is it?

§         Epoxy resin clay is a permanent, self-hardening, two-part modeling material.   It consists of two elements: A (main agent) and B (hardener).   After the two elements have been mixed, it will cure at room temperature to a durable plastic.

§         Great media for crystallizing and designing your own cocktail ring, pendant, hair clips or other fashion jewellery with Swarovski chaton elements.

§         Working time is about 60 min.  Cures in 24 hours to a hard, durable, waterproof finish. 



·         Epoxy resin clay included in our DIY kids are non-toxic and user friendly.   However, Contact with skin may cause allergic reaction in susceptible individuals.

·         For people with sensitive skin or any skin allergy always put on vinyl work gloves first.  

·         Areas of the body that accidentally come in contact with uncured materials should be washed clean with denatured alcohol followed by soap and water.

·         Keep out of reach of children.


How To Use?                       (Note: Put on vinyl work gloves for people with sensitive skin)

1.Pinch off an equal-sized ball of each elements (A) +(B). 


2.Knead the two parts (A) & (B) together very well for about 2 minutes until clay is uniform in color and thoroughly mixed. 

(Note: Incomplete mixing will give poor results)

3.Shape the mixture into the desired shape.  Place it into a pendant or ring setting or on an object.

4.Insert Swarovski Chatons using the beeswax tripped toothpick.

 (Tips: Ensure that the edge of the crystal sits just below the edge of the clay so it holds it when dry)



·         When working with multiple crystal sizes with a random design, do the big crystals first and spread out to balance the design.


·         After the clay is mixed, it will swell up a little like bread dough.   So a few minutes after you are done placing the chantons, check & ensure they sit just below the edge of the clay.  Gently push the chatons in if needed


·         If you make a mistake and decide to remove the chantons from the clay, you can use “nail polish remover” to clean and reuse the chanton crystals.  If it is within the working time, you may be able to reshape clay and start the project again.